The World summit in November 1996 has declared a plan to achieve the global food security and the required market strategy that supposed to surpass the international market> Such plan has confirmed the human right to be liberated from hunger. Therefore the food security concept in 21 century has passed the political criteria of the national self-sufficiency to a more "Socio economic" oriented concept. It is the accessibility of sufficient food. according to healthy requirement to everybody, away from his income level or social class of the community. Without neglecting the application of comparative advantage in allocation of did economic resources. Therefore the study has devoted the analysis to investigate the food consumption pattern nutrition among Arab countries and the impacts of the economic policies in an economic reform Era. These policies include Income le% el and distribution. Economic growth and finance of investment, food price subsidy and role of government in market management under free market mechanism. The study devoted a comprehensive analysis of the most probable advantages, and disadvantages of trade liberalization policies. The analysis focused on certain nest likely challenges. These are potentialities of Poverty elevation, labor market and employment. Economies of scale. Application of environmental specifications of food commodities, food (grains) strategic and buffering stock at national and regional level


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