To implement an efficient policy of the development of rural areas it is necessary to measure and evaluate processes occurring on farms. The paper is an attempt at evaluating the advancement (intensity) of the disagrarization process from a production and economic perspective at a sub-regional (local) level. Constructing a synthetic disagrarization rate, three variables were employed explaining: a percentage rate of households with an owner of a farm that do not earn income from agricultural activities, the share of land being in a poor agricultural condition in the area of arable land on farms and the livestock stocking density. Calculations made confirmed greater advancement of the phenomenon of disagrarization on the areas characterized by fragmented agrarian structure. The following sub-regions are characterised by the highest intensity of production and economic disagrarization: the Częstochowa, Sosnowiec, Kielce, Oświęcim, Bielsko--Biała and Rzeszów sub-regions.


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