VAT for farm machinery has been increased from 0 to 22% level since the accession to the EU. This was a main reason for rise in prices of a set of 34 farm machines which in June 2004 was by 28.1% higher than a year earlier. Thanks to the decrease in prices of the most expensive farm machines – harvester threshers, during the years 2006--2009 the price level was quite stable, even though prices of most machines rose. From 2010 moderate, but generally higher than the inflation rate rise in price of the set was observed. During the years 2003-2013 the price of the set of 34 farm machines grew more expensive by 66.7%, whilst the inflation index increased by 32.6%. In 2004, 2005, 2010 and 2013 the rate of increase of prices of farm machines was higher than dynamics of the inflation index (relatively by 16.8, 15.5, 3.5 and 3.1 per cent points). In spite of machinery price growth, the equivalent of the set of 34 machines in form of mass or volume of swine and cattle for slaughter, wheat, milk and potato was in 2013 by 1.0 to 33.3% lower than in 2003. The above mentioned set as related to the unit of mass of rye and sugar beet was by 4.1 and 40.3% more expensive.


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