An study was conducted on "Cobb-500" broiler chicks to evaluate the effects of probiotics and enzymes supplementation on growth performance, haematological and biochemical parameters. A total of 20, fourteen days old broiler chicks were divided randomly into four groups using five broiler chicks in each group. Group A was designated as control group was given only normal broiler ration and rest of the groups were fed probiotics and enzymes, [Group B (probiotic Microguard® @ 1 gm/L), Group C (enzymes preparation Acmezyme* 1 gm/L), Group D (Microguard* g 1 gm/L and Acmezyme @ 1 gm/L)] with drinking water respectively from 1St to 21st day of study. It was observed that probiotics and enzymes supplementation enhanced the body growth rate. At the final day of experiment the body weight was significantly increased (P<0.01) in the treated groups in comparison with that of control group. Total Erythrocyte Count (TEC), Hemoglobin (Hb) concentration, Packed Cell Volume (PCV) were significantly increased (p<0.01) in treated groups than the control group. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and Serum alanine aminotransaminase (ALT) levels were decreased significantly (p<0.01) than the control group. The serum Serum aspertate aminotransaminase (AST) level was decreased significantly (p<0.01) in all treated groups except group D than the control group. It is suggests that the poultry farming may be benefited using probiotics and enzymes


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