In a sample of 384 farms, 79 per cent applied some fertilizer in the survey year 1976/77, rate of adoption varied from 95 per cent in case of Boro HYV to 41 per cent in case of Jute. Only 37 per cent of recommended doze was applied in Boro HYV compared to 66 per cent for Boro LYV, 76 per cent for Jute, 37 per cent for T. Aman and 30 per cent for Aus. Proper mix was applied to around 60 per cent of Boro LYV and HYV areas and around 20 per cent in case of Aus, Jute and Tobacco. Fertilizing experience, size of farm, tenurial status, availability of institutional credit and purchase of fertilizer from government licensed dealers has significant influence on the rate and mix of fertilizer application.


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