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Efficacy of Bion (benzothiodiazole), Amistar (azoxystrobin) and Tilt (propiconazole) was evaluated for controlling Brown spot and Narrow brown spot of rice cv. BR11 (Mukta). Bion, Amistar and Tilt @ 50 mg/L, 1 ml/L and 1 ml/L, respectively were sprayed at tillering and ear initiation stages that resulted in marked reduction of Brown spot and Narrow brown spot. Bion, Amistar and Tilt significantly increased number of grains/ear and number of healthy grains/ear by reducing number of diseased grains/ear. Bion, Amistar and Tilt resulted in 25.87, 32.17 and 26.76% higher grain yield, respectively over the untreated control when sprayed at tillering stage.


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