The experiment was aimed to investigate and compare the growth, milk production and reproductive performances of Black Bengal goat under semi-intensive production (IP) and scavenging production (SP) system. Six Black Bengal does were assigned into 2 treatment (IP and SP) having 3 in each group. The IP group was allowed to graze six hours daily and supplemented with concentrate (soybean meal and wheat bran) and roughage (sorghum and common grass) and the SP group was maintained by the rural landless farmer traditionally as scavenging system. The average birth weight of kids were 1.30 and 0.96 kg for IP and SP systems, respectively and varied significantly (P<0.01). The birth weight of male kids were significantly (P<0.01) higher than that of the female kids. Pre-weaning gain was also significantly (P<0.01) higher in IP than sp system. In both the systems, male kids always showed higher gain than that of females. The kids were weaned at an average age of 92 and 81 days for IP and SP systems, respectively. The kids of the IP and SP systems attained at an average weaning weight of 5.43 and 4.17 kg, respectively which differs significantly (P<0.01). Weaning weight was found to be significantly higher in IP than SP systems. Average initial live weight, live weight at kidding and final live weight at post partum heat of does of IP and SP systems were 22.10, 22.61 and 21.03 and 21.90, 22.35 and 19.73 kg, respectively, where there was no significant difference except the final live weight (P<0.05). The average daily milk yield, total lactation yield and lactation length for IP and SP systems were 214 ml, 20.47 l and 95.33 days and 162 ml, 13.75 l and 84.66 days, respectively and varied significantly (P<0.01). Average litter size of the IP and SP systems was 2.00 and 2.33, respectively. Average post partum heat period and kid mortality were significantly (P<0.01) lower in IP than SP system. Gross return was found higher in IP than that of SP systems. Thus, it can be recommended from the present study that the growth rate, weaning age, weaning weight, milk production, post partum heat period and kid mortality of Black Bengal goat could be improved through proper feeding and better husbandry system which was reflected from gross return.


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