A research study was conducted to investigate the culture possibility of fresh water catfish Pangasius pangasius with formulated feed in natural ponds. The stocking density was chosen as 8000 fry/ha with an initial weight of 42.57+ 2.51 g. The formulated feed contained 45% fishmeal, 30% mustard oil cake, 15% wheat bran and 10% rice bran to supply 40.48% protein in feed. The growth of Pangasius pangasius in terms of net weight gain was found as 266.49g, which was statistically significant (p<0.05). The food conversion ratio (FCR) observed during this research study was high (7.58). There was no variation in the biochemical composition of the fish as a result of such culture technique and experimental conditions. The whole experiment was conducted for a period of 10 months. Production of fish was found to be 2.13 tones/ha using this formulated feed.


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