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This paper reports the responses of both chefs and tasters to trials of giant clam meat for food in two Japanese restaurants in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The trials were conducted in mid-December 1992 (summer in Australia) in order to determine the potential for using giant clam meat for food in Japanese restaurants in Brisbane. The Japanese chefs are able to use giant clam meat effectively in Japanese cuisine, although they had no previous experience in preparing and using it. The tasters (three Australians and four Japanese) were supportive of all tested recipes (e.g. sunomono, sushi and grilled giant clam with salt) prepared by the two participating Japanese restaurants. The results indicate that, with suitable preparation and presentation in Japanese cuisine, giant clam meat can gain acceptability as an ‘exotic’ specialty item. This report also outlines the procedures followed and the cost of these trials, and draws inferences about the economics of using giant clam meat in Japanese dishes. Some of the selected recipes for using giant clam meat from the Ryukyus are given. The market for giant clam meat in the Ryukyus (Okinawa prefecture) is also considered and there is some discussion of whether Australian suppliers could economically supply that market.


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