Retailers in Southeast Queensland of supplies for saltwater aquariums were surveyed in August 1989 with a view to obtaining some indication of the likely demand in this region (and more broadly in Australia for giant clams as aquarium specimens. Information was gathered on the size of the market, the possible demand in Australia for giant clams from clam farms for the aquarium trade, prices, attitudes of aquarium retailers to clam farms and about economic prospects for supplies from clam farms, as well as other factors such as the desirability or otherwise of allowing imports of live clams for the aquarium trade. It emerged that the Australian market for giant clams is likely to be small. Possibly it could absorb about 5,000 clams per year but it seems that these will need to be sold to retailers at a price of $10 each or less (possibly $6 each or less) if a market of this size is to obtain. The market is so small that to supply it would be a sideline for a clam farm and indeed one farm could more than supply the whole market. At a turnout of say 1 00,000 clams per year by a farm, it would only require 5 per cent of its production to satisfy the whole Australian market for clams as aquarium specimens.


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