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The paper presents the results of grouping of districts of the province Małopolska with respect to the similarity of agrarian structure. To group fuzzy classification method was used. The calculations were made on the basis of PSR 2010 (Polish Agricultural Census) takes into account the following groups of holdings area : 0-1 ha, 1-2 ha, 2-5 ha, 5-10 ha, 10-15 ha, 15 ha and more. The article shows which area is occupied by these types of farms according to typological groups of counties. As a result of the calculations 4 groups of province were obtained. Each group has a different structure from the others,, but the mainly differences are related to the first four area classes. You may have noticed a direct connection between variation in the structure of farms in the counties of Malopolska with the diversity of natural conditions occurring in this area. Significant influence is the agglomeration of Krakow and Śląsk.


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