SWOT analysis is used to define an academic group (CA) and its research lines (LGAC) for the International Agribusiness Bachelor degree program offered by the University of Veracruz (LAI-UV) in Veracruz, Mexico. The current context of agribusiness and agro-industrial CA registered by the Professorship Improvement Program (PROMEP) was analyzed. We identified 12 active CA in Mexico, of which only two are consolidated, two others are in process of consolidation, and the rest are at an initial stage. The numbers of LGAC by CA are very diverse, ranging from one to four. We identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the LAI-UV program which allowed proposing the creation of the CA "Sustainable Agribusinesses” with one LGAC, namely: Agribusiness and agro-industrial chains. We conclude that the SWOT analysis is a useful tool for identifying areas of research in educational institutions.


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