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Sustainable farming systems are those that are economically profitable, environmentally protective and socially efficient through time, therefor the importance of farm sustainable performance is highly acknowledged, and there are various methods for its measurement and assessment at different spatial levels. The aim of this study is to profile and classify Irish livestock farms according to their performance using farm-level data on profitability, environmental efficiency and social integration derived from the Teagasc National Farm Survey. In contrast to previous research that assesses Irish farms’ sustainable performance at farm level, this study is attempting to create a farm system typology based on farm performance and characteristics. Economic, social and environmental performance indicators are determined and aggregated to be used as the conceptual framework to identify and classify types of farms. A combination of multivariate analysis techniques is developed for the aggregation of indicators and for the creation of farm systems typologies. The results indicate the relation between economic, ecological and social performance of Irish farms and establish a typology of livestock farms that can prove useful for future policy design.


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