The yield of Bangladesh tea during post liberation period increased significantly from 746 kg/ha in 1974 to 1057 kg/ha in 1993 with an average linear rate of 1.15 percent per annum as against 0.04 percent in pre-liberation period. The rate of increase in yield during post-liberation period is significantly higher than that in pre-liberation period. Inspite of significantly lower growth rate of area under tea in post-liberation period compared to pre-liberation period the annual production in post-liberation period increased from 32.16 mkg in 1974 to 50.60 mkg in 1993 with an average linear rate of 2.16 percent per annum as against 1.90 percent in pre-liberation period. Higher rate of growth in tea industry in post-liberation period might be due to technological revolution in tea culture in the form of adoption and introduction of high yielding vegetative clones, intensive cultivation of tea, higher efficiency of management and increase in technical knowledge of planters, etc. which imparted a fresh momentum to the growth of tea plantation in Bangladesh.


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