A study of changing cropping pattern for a period is important to understand the shifting nature of the composition of crops in the crop sector and the economic and non-economic factors that cause the cropping pattern change. Over the last quarter of a century of post-Bangladesh years, cropping patterns tilted towards MV variety of crops both in Kharif and Rabi season. Crop diversification has been taking place in the Rabi season. Growths of HYV Aus and wheat areas have been diminishing since the decade of the eighties. Local varieties of rices have been declining and got negative cropping pattern changes including jute, barley, mustard and chilli throughout the whole period of 1971/72-1993/94. It was observed that real output price change and cropping pattern changes had little relationship. Improved technology of production (seed-fertilizer technology) had rather influenced cropping pattern changes. Researches on varietal improvement and production technology should get priority to enhance higher returns from favourable cropping pattern changes and crop mix.


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