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The marketing study of maize was mainly based on data of 97 samples. which were randomly selected from the study areas in Dinajpur district. The sample included 52 farmers. 6 Farias. 10 wholesalers. 9 retailers. 20 feed processors and organized trader BRAC and GKF. Primary data were collected during the months of October '95 to March '96. The marketing system, marketing cost. margin, price spread and farmer's share in retail price were also analysed. The Independent maize farmers incurred the highest marketing cost per quintal (Tk.31.84) followed by BRAC farmers (Tk.24.43) and G.K.F farmers (Tk.14.14). Among the intermediaries at Dinajpur, the marketing cost per quintal incurred were Tk.30.00, Tk.50.75. Tk.36.00 and Tk.2 L50 for Farias. wholesalers. retailers and BRAC respectively while the marketing cost was higher for wholesalers (Tk.2i7.50) compared to GKF (Tk.80.00) in Dhaka. At Dinajpur the net margins earned by Farias, wholesalers. retailers and BRAC were Tk.10.00, Tk.16.25. Tk.64.00 and Tk.131.50 per quintal respectively. In Dhaka, the net margin earned by the wholesaler was higher (Tk.24.50) than that of G.K.F (Tk.23.00). Marketing problems faced by the farmers and maize traders were also identified.


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