The career planning plays an important role in little village official’s development. The study uses stataSE12 statistical software based on the sample survey of little village official in China. And it studies the relationships of human capital, social capital and career planning of little village official. It shows that: (i) After the village work, to be civil servant is the preferred way for little village official, and the female and unmarried choosing this are more than others. The probability of taking the civil service exam diminishes with age, but increases with the increasing human capital and social capital. (ii) Working in institution is the second choice of little village official. The female, married and older have greater proportion than the others. The trend is diminishing with increased human capital and social capital. (iii) The male, married, older, or little village officials employed by provincial government or working in the central and western regions of China choosing to be selected as township deputies are more than others. (iv) The married and older would like to remain in office, but this probability diminishes with the increased human capital and social capital. (v) The male, older, or the little village official working in the central region, employed by municipal government and employed by county government would like to start up their own businesses. (vi) Few of them choose their jobs by themselves, continue further education, or choose enterprise work and social work. There are more little village officials graduating from "985 project" or "211 project" universities choosing to work in enterprises.


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