This paper was designed to investigate the present status of marine fish marketing aiming to determine marketing costs, margins and profits of marketing intermediaries both in domestic and export marketing. Primary data were collected by survey method wherein various market intermediaries were interviewed from selected districts for eliciting information at various stages of marine fish marketing. The study revealed that marketing margin as well as marketing profit both were relatively higher in consumer market followed by primary and secondary markets where beparies and aratdars were involved. Results indicate that high priced fish demanded high marketing cost resulting higher marketing margin and profit compared to low priced fish. In the case of dry fish marketing, irrespective of species of fish marketed, marketing margin and profit were almost doubled compared to frozen fish marketing. Like frozen fish, high valued dry fish also claimed higher marketing cost leaving higher marketing margin as well as marketing profit for intermediaries. In export marketing, both for frozen and dried fish, marketing profit depends mainly on demand for exportable fish in the world market.


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