The study was designed to investigate the influence of age level of respondents by different dimensions of milk brand. The study covers the population includes 325 consumers from Tamil Nadu, who are all using branded milk. The questionnaires were given to 500 consumers who are all using branded milk. Out of 500 consumers contacted, 325 questionnaires were received with required coverage and details. The participants completed the two sets of self-reported questionnaires, including Background characteristics and variables chosen for this study in order to measure the influence of branded milk are the Salience, performance, Imagery, Judgment, Feelings and Resonance. The collected data were computed and analyzed via Descriptive statistics and one - way ANOVA. The findings of the study were generalized as follows: Statistically significant differences were found in the age level of the respondents by different brand dimensions like Performance, Imagery, feelings and there is no statistically significant difference in dimension Salience and resonance by age level of the respondents. In the end of the study implications and conclusion were provided.


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