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European Union (EU) programs envisage local strategies of development as a crucial element for development. EU funds can be supplemented and cannot be the only source of financing of local development. EU policies can have substantial impact on local development particularly in peripheral/less developed areas. The EU pre-enlargement supports and instruments are completed in 2006. Among the new EU sources for local development are structural funds, European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund. Besides regional programs, there are opportunities from other EU programs such as EQUAL, Leader+ and Urban II. Territorial administrative regional/sub-regional levels are important for EU policies, economic development on the territory and supports for regional development. The use of regions provides opportunities for access to EU funds and cooperation with regional institutions. Up to 2006 Slovenia is eligible for funds of Objective 1 from European structural and cohesion policies. It is unclear whether Slovenia is eligible for these funds EU during financial perspective 2007-2013. The Slovenian level of GDP per capita is greater than the benchmark of the 75% of the EU average. The implications can be for north-eastern parts of Slovenia vis-à-vis the cross-border areas in Hungary and probably in Croatia.


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