Mining companies’ main business is to focus on their core expertise — best-practice mining development and operation. Resolute Mining Limited has over two decades of expertise, and is one of the largest gold producers listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. In Africa we mine, or have mined, in Mali, Tanzania and Ghana, and have explored in Côte d’Ivoire. We have an underground operation at Ravenswood in Queensland. Mining companies often need to focus on community development in the region of a mine because that forms a key plank of harmonious operations, and Resolute has a strong history in this respect also. Agriculture is only one of the important components in partnering with communities. Health and education are other examples of community development that can be advanced through mining company inputs, both in the local area and via taxes and royalties to the country’s government. There are multiple opportunities for mining companies in Africa, depending on the country and area of operation. Although it takes persistence and effort to be successful with these opportunities, mining companies offer a cost-effective platform for others to continue and build on.


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