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New information communication technology is a good opportunity to exchange information and to get feedback from customers shortening the traditional channel of social relationships. In different countries over the time there has been a significant growth of social interactions by social networks but in Italian farms internet and social networks are not so widespread. Anyway farmers specialized in certified quality food are more involved in using internet and social media with the purpose to increase their commercialization opportunities. The quantitative method of analysis has been pivotal to estimate the role of Italian farms in tackling the challenges of social network and internet. Summing up, social networks and internet may be the best chances to solve the sense of remoteness in rural areas in particular in Italy where the generational turn-over, by many initiatives financed by the Common Agricultural Policy both in 2000-2006 and also in 2007-2013, has been intense enough to develop a young generation of farmers highly sensitive in using social media and proud to be a part of these virtual communities.


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