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U.S. agricultural exports totaled nearly $40 billion during October 1993-August 1994. about $600 million higher than the same period of fiscal 1993. The United States normally exports over three-quarters of its agricultural commodities to its top-ten markets. and so far nearly $31 billion worth of goods were sent. Japan. the European Union (EU). and Canada continue to be dominate markets with over $19 billion worth of commodities exported through August. Mexico. Taiwan. Korea. the former Soviet Union (FSU). Hong Kong. China. and Algeria complete the top markets. Fiscal 1994 U.S. agricultural lmports reached a record $24 billion for October 1993-August 1994. up 7 percent from the same period in fiscal 1993. Competitive imports were $1 billion higher at $18.5 billion and noncompetitive imports rose $400 million to $5.5 billion.


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