The Persistent timber-yielding forestry in the San Miguel Topilejo community establishes a use of 10 years in its total forested area. The main objective of this research is to evaluate financially the timber exploitation in the study area. For this purpose, there were evaluated the economic feasibility, estimated the economic costs of their use and the monetary benefits of timber extraction. Financial indicators Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Benefit Cost Ratio (B/C) and Net Benefit-Investment (K/N) are determined using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, the program analysis projects (ANPRO) and the Statistical Analysis System package SAS. The total timber possibility of Pinus spp (30,472.950 m3) and Quercus spp (557.849 m3) were obtained from its program of forest management and PROBOSQUE gave the monetary value of their products. The studied variables were shooting down, chunking and wheel costs (primary 120.00 pesos/m3, secondary 80.00 pesos/m3 and firewood 50.00 pesos/m3), operating costs (40.00 technical services pesos/m3, elaboration of the program of management 100.00 pesos/ha, 30.00 representation expenses pesos/m3, Documentador 10.00 pesos/m3, protection 80.00 pesos/m3 and reforestation 150.00 pesos/m3) and income from sale of products of Pinus spp. (primary 1200.00 pesos/m3, secondary 600.00 pesos/m3 and firewood or firewood´s shank 100.00 pesos/m3) and Quercus spp. (primary 700.00 pesos/m3, secondary 500.00 pesos/m3 and firewood or firewood´s shank 100.00 pesos/m3). The results were going NPV = 7´744, 142.00 pesos; TIR = 123.0%; R B/C = 2.2 pesos and N/K = 4.3. To perform the analysis of sensitivity of total costs and total income, the project stand increased in the first of 20%, while the seconds stand a decrease of 20%. However, the project shows viability.


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