In order to reveal the characteristics of land use change in the south loess plateau, this paper tentatively divided Loess Plateau into North and South under the support of GIS, and then introduced land use spatial temporal dynamic model, analyzed land use dynamic change in provincial scale. The results showed: during the 25 years, construction land area increased from 3 555.99 km2 to 4 794.28 km2, unused land decreased by 0.02 percentage points, forest land area increased from 51 011.31 km2 to 51 066.79 km2, waters increased of 0.01 percentage points, farmland area decreased to 98 561.57 km2 from 100 004.79 km2, grassland area increased by 0.08 percentage points. Land use change important values in province scale on each were not identical, showed obvious regional differences.


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