This report presents histoncal data on food consumption, prices, expenditures, and U S income and population In 1995, each American consumed, on average, 70 pounds more of commercially grown vegetables than 10 1970, 57 pounds more of grain products, 52 pounds more of fruit, 28 pounds more of caloric sweeteners, 15 pounds more of total red meat, poultry, and fish (boneless, trimmed equivalent), 16 pounds more of cheese, 11 pounds more of added fats and Oils, 3 gallons more of beer, 73 fewer eggs, 13 gallons less of coffee, and 7 gallons less of milk Retail food prices, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPl), Increased 3 3 percent ID 1996 The 1996 Increase was the largest Since 1990, when food's percentage Increase was 5 8 percent, and was slightly above the 2 9-percent advance 10 the CPI for all goods and services Americans spent $691 billion for food In 1996 and another $92 billion for alcoholic beverages Away-from-home meals and snacks captured 46 percent of the US food dollar In 1996, up from 39 percent In 1980 and 34 percent In 1970 The percentage of disposable personal Income spent on food declined from 13 8 percent In 1970 to 109 percent In 1996


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