This publication presents final statistics on bearing area. yield. production. utilization. price. and value of all domestic noncitrus fruits and tree nuts for 1987-92. Some of these estimates were revised since they last appeared in previously issued Agricultural Statistics Board reports. Revisions were made after thoroughly reviewing marketing agreement records. recorded truck and rail movp.ment. quantities inspected. quantities used by processors. data provided by the 1992 Census of Agriculture. and the latest available fruit inventory surveys. Estimates contained in this report provide a historic record and a benchmark for subsequent estimates. _~,~ This report continues the official series of ~~storical reports. Estimates of noncitrus fruits and nuts for earlier years are available in the following Statistical Bulletins: CS-27 for 1889-1944: No.114 for 1944-1949: No.192 for 1949-55: No. 292 for 1954-1959: No. 473 for Tree Nuts 1909-65: No. 504 for Tree Nuts 1964-70; No. 505 for Noncitrus Fruits 1964-70: No. 593 for 1969-74: No. 647 for 1974-78: No. 718 for 1978-82: No. 809 for 1982-87.


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