Since reform and open to the outside world, foxtail millet planting area in Hebei Province has constantly reduced, and its planting region has changed from the whole province into some regions, with obvious changes. In this paper, by using qualitative and quantitative approaches like chart analysis, summarizing, Delphi method and osculating value model, the influencing factors of changes in millet growing region in Hebei Province were studied. The results showed that the changes of millet planting area were closely related to many factors, such as little investment in scientific research, weak policy support, a single consumer product demand, the rapid development of other staple crops, labor migration, relatively low comparative effectiveness and physiological characteristics of the millet itself. Then some suggestions were put forward, such as increasing research support, strengthening scientific research strength, researching and developing deeply processed products, expanding consumer groups, improving millet policy support, providing subsidies for planting the improved varieties, researching and developing various types of machinery, and increasing millet production technology training.


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