Firstly, I point out the problems in the fruit supply chain management. Then through field survey, we know that busywork flow plays a very important role in the fruit supply chain management. I establish the mathematical model, to derive that the supply chain management of corporate procurement and supply network is the optimal economic model. In terms of the performance of supply chain, I draw the following conclusions: (i) Busywork flow can achieve the supply chain management, and reduces logistics costs in the whole process of circulation; (ii) Busywork flow can improve logistics services for the customers and reduces coordination costs; (iii) The establishment of modern information system can reduce logistics costs; (iv) Busywork flow can improve distribution efficiency and reduce costs; (v) Busywork flow can reduce and avoid the costs of return of goods; (vi) The operation of the busywork flow can achieve integrated transport and business outsourcing to third-party logistics, thereby reducing costs, reducing transport links, reasonably choosing the means of transport, formulating the optimal transportation plan, improving the mode of transport, and increasing the cargo loading amount. (vii) Busywork flow promotes the use of e-commerce. I also express my own views on upgrade version of corporate procurement and supply network. Finally I point out some problems in the existing corporate procurement and supply network, and put forward the following recommendations: developing township-level 4S fruit shop according to the business development, with the functions of purchasing apple, supplying means of agricultural production, providing technical services and developing market; building "corporate ecological orchard" through holding.


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