The main challenge of regional economic development is undoubtedly to increase the living standard and welfare of the local population. Usually the state of development of regions within one country significantly differs. In Hungary, the capital dominates in development, the Western part is emerging, and the Eastern territorial units, mostly the ones by the boarder are lagging behind. Due to their different starting conditions they cannot be developed by the same action plans. The present paper aims to rank the Hungarian counties and the capital alongside development phases, with the help of multi-variable data analysing methods based on a determined system of viewpoints, and adequate theoretical models and statistical data. We developed a weighting system of the indicators, following the logic of the adequate theoretical models. We are convinced that the theoretical model presented and the methodology based on it is suitable for making regional competitiveness measurable. Through this and with the help of statistical data, the competitiveness of any spatial unit of any level can be determined.


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