Based on the survey and research on rural households in Changshu City and Jiangdu City of Jiangsu Province, this paper researches the microeconomic subject-commercial decision-making and production behaviour of the rural households, under the circumstance of development of agricultural product market in different regions. We conduct random sampling questionnaire survey on the rural households in 7 villages of Changshu City and Jiangdu City, Jiangsu Province, and obtain data, in order to judge and verify the theory, explore the relationship between market development of agricultural products, behaviour of rural households and income of rural households, and establish the econometric model of impact of market of agricultural products on income per capita of rural households. The research shows that there is difference in the level of socio-economic development in different regions of Jiangsu Province, and the effect of the same factors in different regions is not quite similar; the income structure of rural households and marketization development have great impact on total income per capita of rural households; the planting structure has significant impact on agricultural income per capita. Then the countermeasures and suggestions are put forward as follows: strengthen rural marketization building and broaden sales channel; reinforce information-based building and promote transparency and openness of rural market information; adjust the production structure of rural households rationally, coordinate agricultural production activities and non-agricultural activities of rural households, and balance the planting of cash crops and grain crops.


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