The present study intends to shed light, both from a descriptive and investigative point of view on the dietary evolution taking place in Europe during last 45 years, using secondary data from FAO FBS, which can cover the entire time span considered and allow for several extrapolation and timeseries analysis, differently than single survey data.. After a clustering of selected european national diets, using specific metrics with respect both to internal and external variety (as measured by appropriate indicators), we intended to check the actual distance that average, national diets have in front of the so called Food Pyramid, which consists in a balance of several food items in adequate proportions and in fact glorifies the healthy virtues of the Mediterranean Diet as a reference model among food patterns. Furthermore, if several studies focussed strictly on the evolution of diet per-se, from a nutritional perspective- our purpose was to put it in context with economic and materialistic factors which could have a part in the explanation. In particular, our intention was to provide a focus on trade factor as explaining the changing diets. We tested with causality tests the hypothesis behind, in order to find relationship between economic factors and nutritional aspects. Eventually, we propose a preliminary investigation about the role of GIs (Geographic Indication food products, such as PDO) in relation to globalised food patterns. The results are interesting, and let the doors open for interpretations and further research.


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