Theoretical debate and practice exploration on social security of migrant workers were introduced. The political direction and security layer on social security for migrant workers in Wan-jiang urban belt were analyzed: the first layer is to implement wage payment guarantee and employment injury insurance; the second layer is to emphasize serious disease insurance and endowment insurance; the third layer is unemployed insurance and social assistance. The primary strategy of building a social security system for migrant workers in Wan-jiang urban belt was put up: wage payment guarantee system that is united in certain regions should be promoted; employment injury insurance system that is undertaken by enterprises should be built; a social health care system for serious diseases should be set up; multi-layers endowment insurance system for migrant workers should be created; vocational training and training in how to start a business should be built as well as the unemployment insurance system; social assistant system based on the basic cost of living allowances should be set up.


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