Based on the introduction of the connotation of “lemon market” and the phenomenon of “lemon” in the market of agricultural products, the consumers’ behaviors in the “lemon market” of agricultural products are analyzed. Firstly, consumers feel unfair in their minds in the process of negotiation; secondly, the purchase decision rule tends to be simplified in the “lemon market” of agricultural products; thirdly, the consumers tend to follow the masses in the “lemon market” of agricultural products. The economics significance of the impact of “lemon dilemma” of agricultural products on consumers is analyzed. The causes of the impact are analyzed from two aspects the uncertainty of collecting the information of agricultural information and the uncertainty of using the agricultural information. The suggestions and countermeasures are put forward in order to solve the “lemon” problems in agricultural market. In the first place, the excellent mechanism for producing the information of agricultural products should be constructed; in the second place, the government should encourage the multi-channel, multi-form and multi- level operation mode of agricultural products, to promote the optimization of market functions; in the third place, the government should widen the channel of information dissemination for agricultural products and establish the high efficiency feedback path; in the fourth place, the traditional thought pattern of consumers should be changed, so as to promote the healthy, orderly and benign development of agricultural products market.


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