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The Brazilian organic market has been growing year by year, and it is important for the country because its production system preserves the environment, besides creating employments and income for rural workers. For this, it is necessary that these producers define ways of competing in the market, focusing on aspects that really add value to the clients. The objective of this research was to investigate, based on the rural producer’s perceptions, factors which affect the competition in the production of organic foodstuffs in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. This study can be classified as an applied research study, with descriptive objective and quantitative approach. The instrument used was the form, which aimed to research on the producers of organic products in Rio Grande do Norte. Producers studied were the ones who cultivate the segment of organic types of vegetables and greens. Data were developed through descriptive analysis and cluster’s analysis. Cluster’s analysis demonstrated that there is a group of organic producers who frequently use a specialized technician and they give support to the wider retail market, e.g. supermarkets. The research indicated that the main factors which affect the competition of organic products in our state are the price, the cost, the differentiation, and the trustworthiness.


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