Based on the investigation into the rural labor brokers in Chongqing Municipality, the developmental momentum of rural labor brokers in Chongqing Municipality is introduced. The valid questionnaires show that the main factors which limit the development of rural labor brokers in Chongqing Municipality are the scant effective information, low quality, insufficient education and training, absent of specialized policies and regulations, low degree of organization, and low social recognition. The requirements for the healthy development of rural labor brokers are concluded, which include healthy policies and regulations, healthy social culture and the external support from the government. Besides, the rural labor brokers should have high competence, high professional ethnics, strong awareness of law and relatively high educational level. At last, the targeted countermeasures are put forward, which cover strengthening the construction of rural infrastructure; perfecting the information platform; enhancing training efforts and improving the competence of labor brokers; establishing and consolidating laws and regulations, and fostering well legal atmosphere; paying attention to the construction of organization and trying to famous the famous brands of rural labors; intensifying the promotion and creating favorable cultural environment. These countermeasures aim at enhancing the capability of attracting rural surplus labors, accelerating the structure of income distribution and coordinating the urban and rural development.


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