In this work it explains the actual situation of organic production and marketing in Spain, studying and analyzing their evolution in the last decade of anterior century and in the first years of the new millennium. In Spain, organic production began in 70's with pioneers in Catalonia, Murcia Region and other zones. It was in 90's when it was observed a great increase in organic surfaces. A very interesting and critic date is that at the moment, more of 80% of organic products it is exporting to other European countries, USA and others foreign markets, and it is necessary a new marketing strategies and innovations to structure the organic market, give a new information to consumers, improve the investment in relation between retailers and this consumers, and improve the perception of utilities of this products. In some countries as is the case of Spain, the consumer s don't have enough information about the characteristics of organic products, organic food and organic production methodologies. They must to know all information along the benefits of organic production methodologies and their implications in environment conservation, biodiversity protection, food quality and safety, and this task must be provided by the new marketing strategies and actions.


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