The citrus fruit production has rapidly increased both in the world and in Turkey. The EU holds a big place in Turkey's citrus fruit export. The relations between the EU and Turkey also play a considerably significant role for the citrus trade. It is crucial to examine the factors affecting Turkey's citrus export, together with determining how the structure of Turkey's citrus export towards the EU will form. Three main problems of Turkey's citrus export can be described. These are the lack of product quality demanded by standards and consumers, the absence of product variety demanded in the EUmarkets, and the existence of competing countries. However, having a good taste in citrus fruit and short distance between the EU and Turkey can be considered as the advantages from the point of Turkey's export. It is clear that changes in the EU necessitate a well-directed production. From this viewpoint, the most important issue is the perspective of how to construct a successful exportation, by starting with a directed production according to changes in the EU. So, the main objective of this research is to examine Turkey's citrus export towards the EU and to determine advantages and disadvantages that Turkey may face regarding its adaptation process and its probable membership in the EU.


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