Recently, Italian agriculture has been widely characterised by the increasing number of farms and land converting to organic farming. In the slow process of shifting from a "niche" to a broader consumption in the organic products market deep differences between conventional and organic production, distribution and consumption became evident. In such a context, the consumer's behaviour about organic products analysis transpires to be complex as it involves either social - economic and psychographic characteristics. In order to address this issue a research has been carried out in two steps: in the first one, a qualitative analysis step, 45 consumer s of organic products were interviewed by phone using laddering techniques; then, in the second quantitative step, data from a 203 consumer s sample, representative of a region of South of Italy, was analysed by means of a multinomial logit. The research main innovative aspect resides in the two- step approach (qualitative - quantitative analysis), that enabled researchers to identify and quantify the environmental and hygienic component importance in consumer preferences on organic products.


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