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For decades, food security has been a worldwide problem affecting the poorest in order to find a possible solution to this dilemma that not only continues, but constantly grows with the increase in population. Agriculture, as the main food supplier, has evolved and increased its productivity, and has expanded its agricultural frontiers, since previous decades, in its attempts to solve this problem. If predominant conventional agriculture (mainly dedicated to productivity) is complemented with substantial increase of transgenic, organic, agroecological, greenhouse and hydroponic crops, it will be more feasible to avoid the loss of forest, the damage and loss of soils and at the same time diminish food insecurity. Within this context, the agribusiness manager and other professionals related with the farming and economic activities, have given an ample and important contribution. From the management of agriculture at local, national and international levels to the management of livestock and other related enterprises, being the bases of food production in any country, agricultural administrators have substantially helped to solve the problem. Their contribution can also be seen in education, investigation, training and political design.


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