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Based on the introduction of the general situation of research region, pressure index model of cultivated land is adopted according to the data of population, cultivated land area, crop sowing area, grain sowing area, and unit grain yield in the Statistical Yearbook of Fengxian County. The change of relevant factors of cultivated land pressure index over time is analyzed, as well as the tension level of cultivated land resources. Research shows that the pressure on cultivated land is relatively great in Fengxian County in the years 1999-2005. Grain supply and demand is still under the unsafe state. There will be more prominent contradiction between supply and demand of cultivated land in Fengxian County in the future, and the grain security will under greater pressure. Several countermeasures are put forward to ease the pressure on cultivated land in Fengxian County, in order to realize the sustainable use of cultivated land resources, to ensure the supply and demand balance of grain and cultivated land, and to stabilize and improve the grain productivity in Fengxian County, such as protecting the current cultivated land resources by the strictest protection system of cultivated land, enhancing the intensity of land development and reclamation, enlarging the area of cultivated land, increasing the agricultural sci-tech input, and improving the grain unit yield.


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