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The thesis summarizes the connotation of rural tourism and divides it into six types, including rural sightseeing and leisure tour, rural sports and fitness tour, rural folk culture tour, rural farming experience tour, rural business activity tour and rural learning and development tour. It outlines the theory of rural tourism sustainable development and points out that what sustainable development of tourism concerns is the coordination of ecology, economy, and society centering on human and nature. On the basis of introducing the connotation of modern agriculture, it divides modern agriculture into six types, including sightseeing agriculture, leisure agriculture, green agriculture, distinctive agriculture, industrialized agriculture and three-dimensional agriculture. And it concludes and obtains the combined signal model of modern agriculture and rural tourism. Based on the introduction of the above related theories, the paper discusses the interaction and integration model of the sustainable development for modern agriculture and rural tourism. It emphatically analyzes the integration model of modern agriculture and rural tourism, including rural agricultural tour model (sightseeing farms, leisure farms and citizens’ farms), science education tour model (education base of agricultural science and technology, sightseeing and leisure education agricultural gardens, agricultural education base for children and agricultural expo parks). Based on the interaction and integration relationship between modern agriculture and rural tourism, the paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures so as to promote their positive development and realize the maximum of ecological, social and economic benefits.


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