The Mexican honey industry is composed by around of 40,000 honey producers with 2 million of beehives. It has been the result that Mexico is the fourth producer and exporter in the world. In the year 2004, Delicias had 14,115 beehives which produced 443.3 tons of honey with a value of 14.8 millions of Mexican pesos. The honey producers have been collected individually and rustic their honey. It has caused that intermediaries joint the honey and sell mainly to the United States marketing. A marketing research was conducted in which 150 questionnaires were applied to a same families, after this a data base was done by using the SPSS version12. 0. As a result, the regional market demand calculated by the year 2011 was 167,397 liters of honey. The bottle center was designed to monthly process 8,000 liters of honey with a capacity of 200 liters/hour. The project was evaluated and indicators were positive as indicated in the next table.


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