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Based on the introduction of the general situation of the research area, the SWOT analysis is applied to study the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the industrial development in Three Gorges Reservoir area. The strengths are represented by the following four aspects: abundant agricultural resources, rich tourism resources, rich mineral resources and rich hydro energy. The weaknesses are analyzed from the following three aspects: the backward infrastructure, the acute conflict of the emigration of manufactures and the poor exploitation of advantageous resources. The opportunities of industrial development, which cover the opportunities bought by the guidance of national policies and preferential policies, by the improvement of traffic conditions in the reservoir area and by the completion and operation of the Three Gorges Reservoir Project. From the analysis of poor investment environment, irrational industrial structure and serious shortage of capitals, the threats of the industrial development are analyzed. In order to promote further the industrial development of the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the countermeasures are put forward. In the first place, optimizing the industrial structure and developing leading industries; in the second place, strengthening the construction of infrastructure and improving the investment environment; in the third place, optimizing human resources so as to provide intellectual support for industrial development.


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