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Based on the definition of technology innovation of agricultural leading enterprises by domestic and foreign experts and scholars, technology innovation of agricultural enterprises is a process of new market increment, which uses new knowledge, technology, process and production mode, produces new products, offers new services and realizes commercialization. Characteristics of agricultural technology innovation are introduced, such as obvious regionality, relatively high risk, long-term periodicity and public attribute. Prediction for technology innovation of leading enterprises is analyzed, such as technical constraints, financial constraints and personnel constraints, technological Innovation Mode can be classified into three modes of independent innovation, imitative innovation and cooperative innovation by the method of technology innovation. Among them, since there are some defects in the technology innovation process, independent innovation and imitative innovation are greatly not used for the innovation of agricultural enterprises. Cooperative Innovation Mode can rely on foreign aid, can realize complementary advantages and achievement sharing, and can be widely applied in the agricultural innovation enterprises. Virtual organization in cooperation innovation mode is described, which makes up for technology, capital and human resources barriers in the process of agricultural enterprises innovation. Therefore, this mode is popular among the agricultural innovation enterprises.


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