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Firstly, connotation of fruit industrialization is introduced, pointing out that fruit leading enterprise is an important vector of the operation of fruit industrialization, as well as the economic entity for the market exploitation, production and processing, and service offering of fruit industry. Secondly, advantages and disadvantages of the three typical interest sharing modes during fruit industrialization are analyzed from the perspective of benefit sharing. In the organizational mode of “leading enterprise + fruit farmer” in contractual relationship, fruit enterprise plays a major role and is at a dominant position in the negotiation; while fruit farmer is at a relatively weak position, which seriously frustrated the enthusiasm of fruit farmers. In the organizational mode of “specialized market + fruit farmer” in market transaction relationship, due to the restriction of certain factors, few agricultural enterprises participate in this mode; while fruit farmers are at a relatively weak position. Therefore, this mode can hardly promote the development of industrialization. In the organizational mode of “specialized agricultural association or cooperative + fruit farmer” in cooperative organization pattern, specialized association or cooperative protects the interests of fruit farmers, but neglects the interests of fruit enterprises. Finally, the vertical——horizontal integrated mode is put forward based on the development experience of the world and the actual situation of China, so as to provide guidance and reference for the fruit industrialization in China.


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