Taking Wuqi country, shanxi Province as an example, this paper is based on the introductions of the researched regions and according to the planting model and some factors influencing economy. After systematic analysis and selection, it selects ecological forestry, wood-grass-husbandry, wood-grass-husbandry, wood-medicine, economic forestry and greenhouse vegetable these five models of returning farming to grass, with Wuqi town, Baibaotown, Wu Cangbao county, Xinzhai county, Xuecha county and Wugu town these five sites as examples. This paper has carried out a research on these 5 models at country, town and household levels through Participatory Rural Appraisal and Document Search to gain the related data. And making a comparison on the contribute of the 5 models to the economy among towns in Wuqi’ project returning farmland to forestry(grass) through variance analysis to affirm the different degrees of the 5 models having to the economy growth. The results show that there are extinct differences among 5models except the tiny differences existing between the economic forestry model and the wood-medicine model. The Wood-grass-husbandry model and the economic forestry are best efficient ones ranking number 1 and 2. The Wood-medicine, the economic forestry and the greenhouse vegetable models are ranking respectively number 3, 4 and 5.


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