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Coccidiosis is an old parasitic disease, prevalent all over the country and has a significant impact on poultry production. In this paper, economic loss to poultry industry has been estimated considering the major economic parameters. The estimation has revealed that commercial broiler industry is a major sufferer due to coccidiosis wherein 95.61 per cent of the total economic loss occurs due to the disease. The commercial layer industry shares 3.53 per cent economic loss, mainly due to cost of chemoprophylaxis and reduced egg production. A comparison across economic traits has revealed that loss is maximum due to reduced body weight gain, followed by increased FCR (23.74%) and chemoprophylaxis (2.83%) in the total loss due to coccidiosis in broiler industry of India. The overall comparison of economic traits for all the types of poultry sector it has shown that reduced body wt gain and increased FCR are the major parameters from which 68.08 per cent and 22.70 per cent annual loss has occurred in the total loss from coccidiosis in India during the year 2003-04. The total loss due to coccidiosis has been found to be of Rs 1.14 billion (approx) for the year 2003-04. The study has observed that generation of this data across different geographical regions will be helpful to conclude about the global economic loss due to coccidiosis in the poultry industry.


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