One of the fundamental characteristics of a well functioning market is the ability to transmit useful information to decision makers at the micro-level, which will ultimately culminate in the development of effective macro-level policies. A key assumption in economics is that market information is readily available to role players in business and marketing. In reality however, farmers in the developing world, unlike their developed countries counterpart, are still faced with the challenge of accessing credible market information. Market information is an essential component of agricultural production, distribution and marketing. The availability of timely and accurate market information to farmers by means of fast and effective modern information technologies has enormous potential of greatly enhancing agricultural production, investment, financial and strategic decisions. The objective of this executive interview is to show how information and communication technology (ICT - enabled agricultural market information service can improve productivity, bargaining power and market profitability of rural farmers in developing countries). Dr. Harsha de Silva, the architect and implementer of Govi Gnana Service (an agricultural knowledge service: GGS) in Sri Lanka shares his views and experience. The interview was conducted at the 15th Annual World Food and Agribusiness Forum, Symposium and Case Conference in Chicago, USA.


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