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The market for organic products in Urumqi is at the beginning of its development. The objective of this paper is to gain knowledge about consumer's attitudes toward organic food in Urumqi which is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The consumer's attitudes were collected by means of a face-to-face survey. Attitudes, purchasing frequency, supply satisfaction and beliefs about organic food were studied with a sample of 720 consumers. The data obtained from the survey were analyzed with univariate analysis, chi-square test, ANOVA and correlation analysis. About 44.9% of Urumqi consumers had never heard of organic food. Urumqi consumers who know organic food consider organically-grown products as very healthy, of good quality and tasty. Consumers are not very familiar with the supply of organic food in the market. One reason might be that there was very little advertisement about organic products. Some groups of consumers have more positive attitudes towards organic food, and they express an increased willingness to pay higher prices for these food. Therefore, marketing strategies for organic food should be targeted towards such groups. According to the research results, an important task for the producers will be to increase consumers' knowledge of what organic food is and how to differentiate it in the marketplace.


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